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Accounting and reporting for decision makers UN411001 Module
Activity performance and skills acquisition UN807184 Module
Activity performance and skills acquisition (schools) UN807202 Module
Advanced applications of coaching and instruction UC610105 Module
Advanced Equitation UD409202 Module
Advanced management accounting UN410004 Module
Adventure education journeys UN807195 Module
Adventure geography: The Scottish perspective UF807004 Module
Adventure markets products and services UN807180 Module
Adventure operations and risk management UN808471 Module
Adventure psychology: skills and behaviours UN810672 Module
Adventure therapy UN809817 Module
Adventure tourism guiding and interpretation UN808478 Module
Adventure tourism, Introduction to UN807179 Module
An anthropology of place: Adventure education and cultural perspectives on nature UX909001 Module
Application of microeconomic theory and analysis UL208488 Module
Applied adventure education practice UN810679 Module
Applied coaching and leadership UN808466 Module
Auditing and professional ethics UN409003 Module
Business (OERu), Introduction to UN107900 Module
Business - Introduction to UN107199 Module
Business awareness for accountants UN909001 Module
Business contractual relationships UM208373 Module
Business economics UN108459 Module
Business law, Introduction to UM207103 Module
Business Project UN808479 Module
Business strategy UN210861 Module
Change for Sustainable Futures UN111008 Module
Collaborating in the digital economy UN109678 Module
Collaborative leadership UN211012 Module
Contemporary tourism practices UN807183 Module
Contemporary workplace, The UN208473 Module
Corporate and competitive strategy UN211008 Module
Corporate financial decision making UN310848 Module
Corporate responsibility and sustainability in the hospitality industry UN809811 Module
Corporate responsibility in a global environment UN110854 Module
Critical perspectives of adventure UN810671 Module
Critical perspectives of adventure education UD410781 Module
Critical perspectives of marine and coastal tourism UN810675 Module
Critical thinking in management UN209825 Module
Current issues and legislation in the equine industry UN209827 Module
Current outdoor practice UN810680 Module
Customer-centred business (OERu), Introduction to UN107901 Module
Customer-centred business, Introduction to the UN107196 Module
Delivering physical activity and sports development programmes UC610103 Module
Design manage and evaluate human fitness and physical performance UC609002 Module
Developing an innovative business model UN111004 Module
Developing entrepreneurial effectiveness UN509602 Module
Developing performance excellence UN211991 Module
Digital marketing UN509604 Module
Digital measurement and optimisation UN211992 Module
Dissertation (Business and Leisure scheme) UN110851 Module
Dissertation (Sport) UC610106 Module
eBusiness (B and L) UN110856 Module
eBusiness (MIS) UN110850 Module
Economics for business UL107121 Module
Ecotourism UN811994 Module
Effective communication UP911001 Module
Effective sales and collaboration UN111005 Module
eMarketing UN511931 Module
Emergent tourism trends UN810673 Module
Employee relations UN611005 Module
Employee relations UN610855 Module
Employment law UM211982 Module
Employment law within the HRM context UM209569 Module
Enterprise and marketing, An introduction to UN107198 Module
Entra- and Intra-preneurial thinking UN211013 Module
Entrepreneurial mindset for growth UN111006 Module
Entrepreneurial strategy and business growth UN211993 Module
Entrepreneurship UL409597 Module
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice UN211983 Module
Equine Behaviour UD408022 Module
Equine behaviour and welfare management UN210863 Module
Equipment technology for golf, Introduction to UN207238 Module
Equitation: Practical Application UD408023 Module
Essential skills for business and leisure UN107195 Module
Ethical leadership UN611010 Module
Ethical solutions for global business UN108460 Module
European economic development and practice UL210806 Module
Event fundamentals UN807193 Module
Event operations management UN809814 Module
Event planning and organisation UN808464 Module
Exercise and lifestyle analysis and adherence UC609003 Module
Expedition management and leadership UN809805 Module
Experiential education UX910001 Module
Explorers and exploration UL709711 Module
Facilitation and reviewing in outdoor education UX108001 Module
Finance for events UN808475 Module
Financial accounting, Introduction to UL107120 Module
Financial management UN309659 Module
Financial reporting, Advanced UN409002 Module
Food and beverage services, Introduction to UN807187 Module
Food and beverages operations UN808472 Module
Food production services, Introduction to UN807188 Module
Foundations of outdoor learning UX907001 Module
GA Managing in organisations UN207240 Module
Geomorphology: A practical application UL709712 Module
Global business environment, The UN211984 Module
Global management UN210862 Module
Golf club manager - functions and responsibilities UN808477 Module
Golf course maintenance and design UN808465 Module
Golf equipment and analysis UN208476 Module
Golf management, Introduction to UN207235 Module
Government economic policy, decision-making and impact UL208489 Module
Growth and Opportunity through Innovation UN111009 Module
Horses for courses introduction to the Equine industries UD407001 Module
Hospitality management systems, Introduction to UN807189 Module
Human resource management, Introduction to UN207237 Module
Human structure and function UC607005 Module
Inclusive adventure UN810674 Module
Industry portfolio 1 UN807204 Module
Industry portfolio 2 UN808481 Module
Industry portfolio 3 UN809818 Module
Information decision making UN211994 Module
Innovation and enterprise UN110855 Module
Innovation for commercialisation UN211995 Module
International and Export Marketing UN510853 Module
International and export marketing UN509599 Module
International expedition leadership UN809815 Module
International expedition leadership UN810676 Module
International financial reporting UN410003 Module
International marine and coastal tourism UN809809 Module
Introduction to Equine anatomy physiology and health UD407003 Module
Introduction to Equine fitness nutrition and welfare UD407002 Module
Introduction to Equitation UD407004 Module
Introduction to Research Methods (Sport and Fitness) UX208453 Module
Investigation: Personal and social development in adventure education UN809816 Module
Knowledge based coaching UN211501 Module
Language awareness UQ109785 Module
Leadership and personal development in outdoor education UX109634 Module
Leadership in practice UN808480 Module
Leading service improvement and diversity UN111001 Module
Leading the contemporary workforce UN211014 Module
Legal issues in sport and fitness UC610107 Module
Macroeconomic theory and concepts, Introduction to UL207172 Module
Major event analysis UN810669 Module
Management accounting UN408374 Module
Management accounting and finance UN211985 Module
Management information systems UN208474 Module
Management of adventure tourism UN809812 Module
Managing an Equine Business UD408024 Module
Managing and developing the human resource UN611004 Module
Managing and developing the human resource (HRM) UN611009 Module
Managing external and internal engagement, communication and marketing UN511932 Module
Managing in the global network UN111003 Module
Managing Strategic and Operational Change within the Equine Industry UN111011 Module
Managing Strategic and Operational Change within the Golf Industry UN811070 Module
Manual therapy 1 UC609009 Module
Manual therapy 2 UC610112 Module
Marine and coastal tourism field course UN808470 Module
Marine and coastal tourism in the UK UN807186 Module
Marketing communications UN509600 Module
Marketing fundamentals UN508384 Module
Masters Research Project UN211986 Module
Mechanics of human movement UB807007 Module
Microeconomic theory and concepts, Introduction to UL207173 Module
Movement analysis UC608004 Module
Multi-media for business UN109680 Module
Nature and learning UF708495 Module
Nature and outdoor learning UX108002 Module
Nature worth seeing - Natural Assets and Protected Area Tourism UN811072 Module
Nature-based tourism destination development UN811995 Module
Niche professional: a business analysis UN810670 Module
Niche tourism UN809803 Module
Nutrition for performance and health UB408001 Module
Och aye the noo! Highlands and Islands tourism UN807203 Module
Online customer relationship marketing UN511933 Module
Operations management UN211987 Module
Operations management (OERu), Introduction to UN207902 Module
Operations management, Introduction to UN207236 Module
Organisational leadership and management UN711001 Module
Organisations and their behaviour UN107197 Module
Out of decline - Regenerative Tourism UN811071 Module
Outdoor classroom, The UX108005 Module
Outdoor design and safety management UX110006 Module
Outdoor education for all UX110007 Module
Outdoor learning and teaching practice UN208479 Module
Outdoor learning within Scottish education UX109635 Module
People management, Introduction to UN607002 Module
Perceptions of risk and decision making UN810677 Module
Performance and analysis of specialist skills UC608001 Module
Performance and partnership working in the public sector UN211009 Module
Personal mountain-based skills 1 UN807196 Module
Personal mountain-based skills 2 UN807197 Module
Personal water-based skills 1 UN807198 Module
Personal water-based skills 2 UN807199 Module
PGA Application of Sports Science UN807192 Module
PGA Application of sports science to golf coaching UC609010 Module
PGA Applied Coach Development UC609008 Module
PGA Applied Coaching UN808474 Module
PGA Golf equipment and analysis UN208478 Module
PGA Introduction to business UN107200 Module
PGA Introduction to equipment technology for golf UN207239 Module
PGA Introduction to sport and exercise science UC607004 Module
PGA Introduction to Sports Coaching UC607003 Module
PGA Managing a small golf business UN109682 Module
PGA On course and career development skills UN109681 Module
PGA Preparing for work-based and placement learning UN807191 Module
PGA Professional practice and personal development for the golf industry UC607008 Module
PGA Retailing UN208477 Module
Physical activity and health UC608005 Module
Physical activity for all UC610108 Module
Planning international expeditions UN809813 Module
Practical exercise instruction UC607006 Module
Preparing for work-based and placement learning UN807182 Module
Principles of event management and event research UN808482 Module
Principles of sport and exercise psychology UC608003 Module
Professional adventure practice, Introduction to UN807181 Module
Professional adventure project UN810678 Module
Professional outdoor practice UN807200 Module
Professional practice and personal development for the golf industry UC607007 Module
Professional practitioner - ethics, policy and practice, The UC609004 Module
Professional skills for managers UN208480 Module
Professional skills for sport and fitness UN907002 Module
Project planning and management UN109675 Module
Promoting health through sport, fitness and physical activity UC610109 Module
Psychology and coaching in the outdoors UX108003 Module
Quality customer care in the hospitality industry UN809810 Module
Quality management UN109676 Module
Reflexive Therapeutic Practice in Outdoor Environments UL511002 Module
Research and planning a new business venture UN110852 Module
Research for business UN111007 Module
Research methods (Sport) UC609005 Module
Research project (Business and Leisure) UN109673 Module
Research project (Leadership) UN111002 Module
Research skills (Business and Leisure) UN109672 Module
Research, Introduction to UN808476 Module
Residential outdoor education UX108004 Module
Responsible leadership and management for organisational performance UN108461 Module
Responsible Leadership and Management in a Global Context UN111010 Module
Retailing UN208475 Module
Reward development and management UN611006 Module
Risk and incident management UN809804 Module
Safe practice in the outdoors UN807201 Module
Scotland's visitor attractions UN809807 Module
Selling and promoting quality local produce UN509601 Module
Skills for hospitality managers UN808473 Module
Small business planning UN109679 Module
Social and environmental accounting UN410002 Module
Social media for management and marketing UN511934 Module
Social theory for adventure education UL308482 Module
Sport and exercise physiology UC608002 Module
Sport and exercise rehabilitation UC610110 Module
Sport and exercise science, Introduction to UC607002 Module
Sport and exercise science: a critical analysis UC609001 Module
Sports coaching and leadership, Introduction to UC607001 Module
Sports nutrition and dietary considerations UC609006 Module
Sports policy, planning and management UC610104 Module
Sports rehabilitation, Advanced UC610111 Module
STGA Tourist guiding (North Highlands) UN807190 Module
Strategic change and innovation UN211999 Module
Strategic health safety and legislation for event management UN608468 Module
Strategic human resource management UN609770 Module
Strategic marketing UN211988 Module
Strategic marketing UN510850 Module
Strength and conditioning UN808467 Module
Strength and conditioning UC609007 Module
Success and culture: Importance of organisational culture, the UN211015 Module
Supply Chain Management UN511935 Module
Sustainable project management UN108462 Module
Talent development and management UN611007 Module
Taxation, Advanced UN310849 Module
Technology and Social Media in Adventure Practice UP308407 Module
The main event UN810682 Module
Theoretical Basis of Outdoor and Adventure Therapies UL511001 Module
Therapeutic Programming in Outdoor and Adventure Practice UL511000 Module
Tourism policy and management UN811997 Module
Transformational change UN211016 Module
Understanding adventure UN808468 Module
Understanding contemporary leadership and management UN211989 Module
Understanding contemporary leadership and management (HRM) UN211011 Module
Understanding leadership and management UN210860 Module
Understanding the public sector context UN211010 Module
Understanding the resilience landscape UN211018 Module
Understanding the tourist experience UN811998 Module
Understanding visitor behaviour UN809806 Module
Winds of change - Contemporary Issues in Tourism UN811999 Module
Work placement UN611008 Module
Work placement: industry-specific skills UN109677 Module
Work placement: professional practice UN110853 Module
Work placement: team working and communication UN108456 Module

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