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(Inter) National theatre UW410762 Module
1st Study 1 UW308466 Module
1st Study 2 UW309801 Module
2D Studies UW707001 Module
Access to Music UW307241 Module
Analogue theory and applications UJ908001 Module
Applied drama 1: Education and the community UW409009 Module
Applied music critique and evaluation UW310833 Module
Applied music performance creation or research UW310834 Module
Applied music research skills UN509603 Module
Applied music theory UW308479 Module
Applied performance UW409001 Module
Approaches to record production UW311028 Module
Arranging, orchestration and film scoring UW311007 Module
Art and archaeology: contemporary theory and practice UV411013 Module
Art and archaeology: contemporary theory and practice UV408115 Module
Art and Environment UW111015 Module
Art and social practice UW111007 Module
Art and social practice UW108465 Module
Art films: the artistic impression UW608461 Module
Art in collaboration UW111012 Module
Audio for cinematic and game production 1 UJ908003 Module
Audio for cinematic and game production 2 UJ909004 Module
Audio performance UW308489 Module
Audio systems theory UJ909001 Module
Authors and audience UQ309689 Module
Autonomous performer, The / the independent ensemble UW410759 Module
Collaboration project UW311020 Module
Collaborative project UN209828 Module
Collaborative project UN209829 Module
Communities of practice UW111008 Module
Community project UW910001 Module
Composition for film, TV and media: major project UW311010 Module
Composition in context - external engagement UW311008 Module
Composition project, Final UW310828 Module
Composition with Technology 1 UW308490 Module
Composition with Technology 2 UW309819 Module
Constructive textiles: Exploration and development UW109740 Module
Constructive textiles: Making and meaning UW108460 Module
Constructive textiles: Public exhibition UJ409001 Module
Constructive textiles: Specialising UW108459 Module
Contemporary Art and Archaeology in Practice UW111013 Module
Contemporary art practice: practical skills UW109745 Module
Contemporary music industry law UM208372 Module
Contemporary music journalism UW311005 Module
Contemporary musicology: Art, commerce and media UW311001 Module
Contemporary post-production sound design UW311009 Module
Corporate and commercial performance UW409010 Module
Costume design and the Imagination UW409014 Module
Craft aesthetics and ethics UW707003 Module
Craft practice 1 UW708001 Module
Craft practice 3 UW709001 Module
Creating a role UW408001 Module
Creating work for clients - developing a brief UW608462 Module
Creating work for clients - production UW608465 Module
Creation through technology UW308474 Module
Creative ensemble performance UW308486 Module
Creative identity UW309809 Module
Creative industries analysis UW308464 Module
Creative industry research project UW410760 Module
Creative media applications UP311001 Module
Creative non-fiction UW809002 Module
Creative practice 1 UW108461 Module
Creative practice 2 UW108462 Module
Creative practice 3 UW109741 Module
Creative practice 4 UW109742 Module
Creative project UW308465 Module
Creative project: creative journal UW807002 Module
Creative project: literary competitions UW808470 Module
Creative project: peer assessment UW808471 Module
Creative project: portfolio UW807003 Module
Creative project: researching your writing UW809003 Module
Creative project: writing what you know UW809004 Module
Creative reuse of archive film UW311031 Module
Creative skills UW308475 Module
Creative song enhancement UW308482 Module
Creative technology applications UW309818 Module
Creative writing skills, Introduction to UW807004 Module
Creativity and enterprise - curiosity, speculation, innovation UW911001 Module
Creativity is more important than knowledge UW307233 Module
Crime pays UQ310828 Module
Critical and contextual studies level 1 UW107200 Module
Critical and contextual studies level 2 UW108463 Module
Critical and contextualised studies 2 (Textiles) UJ408462 Module
Critical commentary UW910002 Module
Cultural planning and delivery in the performing arts UW410761 Module
DAWS Discovery 1 UW307236 Module
Degree show UW110816 Module
Design practice UW109743 Module
Developing creative writing skills UQ308008 Module
Developing social practitioner, the UW111009 Module
Digital audio applications, Advanced UJ909002 Module
Digital business UW310838 Module
Digital music industries UN108454 Module
Digital theory and applications UJ908002 Module
Directing performance UW409002 Module
Directing, Introduction to UW208469 Module
Dissertation (MIS) UW310843 Module
Dissertation (Mus) UW311011 Module
Dissertation (Visual Arts) UW110817 Module
Documentary film development UW609002 Module
Drama and production: Experiential learning UW409011 Module
Drawing UW107201 Module
Drawing and visualisation UW707004 Module
Effective contributor, The UW308478 Module
Emerging technologies UW310837 Module
Ensemble 1 UW307229 Module
Ensemble performance UW309802 Module
Enterprise and community: making music matter UW311014 Module
Entrepreneurship UN109670 Module
Entrepreneurship and production in the arts 1 UW408006 Module
Event management UN809798 Module
Factual film project UW609003 Module
Fictional narrative film project UW809001 Module
Film and creative practice UW311030 Module
Film production techniques and aesthetics UW609005 Module
Film, TV and media musicology UW311013 Module
Final creative project: literary magazine/anthology UW810001 Module
Final Project in Contemporary Art and Archaeology UW111014 Module
Freelancing skills for the digital filmmaker UW610002 Module
Games engines for interactive applications UI610004 Module
Gender and sexuality on the stage UW409003 Module
Global music markets UN510849 Module
Group practical project 1 UW408002 Module
Group practical project 2 UW409004 Module
Honours project (MIS) UW310842 Module
Identity and Music: Celtic Connections across the Atlantic Arc UW311032 Module
Interpreting performance UW307239 Module
Knitted textiles UW207208 Module
Lens Based Media UW607167 Module
Live and online: Digital performance UW408007 Module
Live audio production UJ908005 Module
Live event audio UJ909003 Module
Live event production UW609004 Module
Live production systems UW310841 Module
Major design project: degree show UW110818 Module
Major film project UW910003 Module
Major final project UW110819 Module
Major project UW311021 Module
Major research project UW210002 Module
Making music (with) systems UW311022 Module
Managing and leadership UN209820 Module
Marketing in music and popular culture UN508383 Module
Masters project UW111002 Module
Moving images: history and development of film UP307001 Module
Moving images: visual literacy UP308405 Module
Multi-track studio techniques UJ908004 Module
Multitrack mixdown techniques UW309814 Module
Music and culture UW310835 Module
Music and the creative industries - the portfolio musician UN907001 Module
Music and the environment: space, place and people UW311015 Module
Music business for film composers UW311012 Module
Music creation and collaboration UW311016 Module
Music in educational and community contexts 1 UW309810 Module
Music in educational and community contexts 2 UW310836 Module
Music in its widest context - social cultural and historical UW307230 Module
Music in social and historical contexts UW309811 Module
Music in the arts and society UW307235 Module
Music industries analysis UW308484 Module
Music industry touring UW308470 Module
Music making: context and process UW309817 Module
Music marketing and distribution in a digital world UN509598 Module
Music power and commerce UW308476 Module
Music production techniques UJ910003 Module
Music production techniques UJ909005 Module
Music publishing and IPR law UW309815 Module
Music recording and production UW311017 Module
Music, power and politics UW311004 Module
New social practitioner, the UW111010 Module
Opportunities for placement or internship (MFA) UW111003 Module
Orkney and Shetland literature UQ209633 Module
Painting UW107202 Module
Pedagogy and praxis UW311023 Module
Performance practice 1 (the reflective performer) UW307231 Module
Performance practice 2 UW308477 Module
Performance practice lab UW310846 Module
Performance studies, Introduction to UW408003 Module
Performing theatre histories UW408005 Module
Personal employability strategy UX210002 Module
Physical theatre UW407002 Module
Popular music: gender and sexuality (1920 to present) UW311003 Module
Popular musicology: Scenes and identities UW311024 Module
Post production UW608463 Module
Post production advanced techniques UW610003 Module
Post-production, Introduction to UW607168 Module
Practice and research: research skills and methods for socially engaged practitioners UW211003 Module
Practitioners and performance, Introduction to UW407001 Module
Printed image UW107199 Module
Printed textiles UW207206 Module
Production 1 UW407003 Module
Production 2 UW409012 Module
Professional design practice UW209707 Module
Professional practice (Applied Music) UW309812 Module
Professional practice 1 UW208468 Module
Professional practice 2 UW209706 Module
Professional practice for social art practitioners UW211002 Module
Professional practitioner UW111001 Module
Professional profile UN510852 Module
Professional Project UW210001 Module
Programming, sequencing and sampling 1 UW308494 Module
Programming, sequencing and sampling 2 UW309824 Module
Publishing practice UP410001 Module
Publishing, Introduction to UP408001 Module
Reading as a writer UQ307207 Module
Reading performance UW409005 Module
Recording practice 1 UW307237 Module
Recording practice 2 UW308487 Module
Recording technology for popular musicians UW308480 Module
Reflective and ethical practitioner UW211001 Module
Remote and rural film making in a Highland and Islands community UW608464 Module
Remote digital music collaboration UW307232 Module
Research and music production final project UW311018 Module
Research and performance UW409013 Module
Research and practice-led methodologies UW311025 Module
Research in context: External engagement UW311002 Module
Research paper (MIS) UW310840 Module
Research project UW109707 Module
Research project : contemporary art and contextualised practice UW109746 Module
Research project: design UW209708 Module
Research skills and methods UW111004 Module
Responsive web design and client-side scripting UI609003 Module
Retail event UW710001 Module
Rural and folk performance UW408004 Module
Scottish writing UQ209634 Module
Screen Composition UW309803 Module
Screen Performance UW407004 Module
Script development and adaptation UW409006 Module
Second study 1 UW308485 Module
Second study 2 (popular music solo and ensemble) UW309816 Module
Shakespeare in performance UW409007 Module
Short story: where do stories come from, The UQ307205 Module
Single camera production UW607169 Module
Social Design Strategies UW609001 Module
Social media campaign management UN510851 Module
Social media skills for writers UP410003 Module
Social practice project, the UW111011 Module
Songwriting composition and production UW308481 Module
Sound and music for moving image UW311029 Module
Sound and vision UW308483 Module
Sound design for film and TV UW310844 Module
Sound design for interactive media UW610001 Module
Sound, music, media UW311006 Module
Spatial practices UW107203 Module
Stories from the Highlands and Islands - making a film: pitch UW607170 Module
Stories from the Highlands and Islands - making a film: production UW607171 Module
Studio practice 1 UW111005 Module
Studio practice 1, the creative producer UW307238 Module
Studio practice 2 UW111006 Module
Studio practice 2, the decision maker UW308488 Module
Surface: constructed UW107198 Module
Surface: stitch and print UJ407205 Module
Sustainable creative endeavour UW310845 Module
Sustainable creative endeavour in contemporary society UW311019 Module
Systems design, Advanced UJ910001 Module
Teaching and learning practices UX309776 Module
Textile skills: Material, form and context UW207207 Module
Theatre criticism UW410763 Module
Theatre design and the imagination UW408008 Module
Theatre histories, Introduction to UW307240 Module
Themed research project UX209001 Module
Theories, practices, and protocols of working in the public realm UV709001 Module
Theory and practice UW109708 Module
Theory and practice: design UW109744 Module
Topics in interactive media, Advanced UI610001 Module
Tuning of the nations: Soundscape, place and memory UW311026 Module
Understanding live sound UW309813 Module
Understanding musics UW311027 Module
Working in a project team interactive media UI609005 Module
Workshop UW108464 Module
Woven textiles UW207209 Module
Writing experience placement UN109683 Module
Writing for children and young people UW808472 Module
Writing for film: introduction to screenplay UW807001 Module
Writing for film: writing a screenplay UW808469 Module
Writing for performance UW409008 Module
Writing from the north: context and criticism UQ208101 Module
Writing in the market place UP410002 Module
Writing poetry UQ307204 Module

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