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Advanced Aircraft Design UH410857 Module
Advanced Analogue Electronics UH611001 Module
Advanced Applications in Engineering UH111006 Module
Advanced engineering applications UH111001 Module
Aerodynamics and propulsion UH408400 Module
Aerostructures performance 1 UH409779 Module
Aerostructures performance 2 UH410839 Module
Air traffic management project UH410846 Module
Air traffic operations management UH409786 Module
Air transport operations and management UH410840 Module
Air transport project management UH409787 Module
Aircraft and engine performance 1 UH409796 Module
Aircraft and engine performance 2 UH410842 Module
Aircraft avionic systems and structures UH408402 Module
Aircraft design UH410852 Module
Aircraft design 1 UH409780 Module
Aircraft Design for Maintenance Engineers UH410858 Module
Aircraft engineering reliability and maintenance management UH409781 Module
Aircraft engineering systems UH407001 Module
Aircraft maintenance and reliability UH409792 Module
Aircraft maintenance management UH409797 Module
Aircraft maintenance operations and management UH411001 Module
Aircraft reliability and fault diagnosis UH409798 Module
Aircraft structural mechanics and aerothermodynamics UH409782 Module
Aircraft structural mechanics and materials UH408401 Module
Aircraft systems: electrical / avionic UH408393 Module
Aircraft systems: propulsion and power transfer UH408394 Module
Aircraft systems: structures and materials UH408399 Module
Airline operations and management UH409788 Module
Airline Operations and Quality Management UH410856 Module
Airport and aerodrome operations and management UH409789 Module
Airspace management UH410847 Module
Airworthiness requirements UH409784 Module
Airworthiness requirements for maintenance engineers UH410854 Module
Alternative design technologies UK210002 Module
Applied aerodynamics UH408398 Module
Applied aerodynamics and propeller technology UH408403 Module
Applied Aerodynamics for Maintenance Engineers UH408412 Module
Architectural entrepreneurship UK210003 Module
Architectural technology 1 UK107001 Module
Architectural technology 2 UK108001 Module
Architectural technology 3 UK209770 Module
Architectural technology honours project UK210004 Module
Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms UH111009 Module
Aviation business and management UN209824 Module
Aviation business and management 1 UN208472 Module
Aviation crisis and active safety management UH411004 Module
Aviation crisis management UH410848 Module
Aviation Maintenance Practices UH407013 Module
Aviation practical skills 1 UH407007 Module
Aviation practical skills 2 UH408404 Module
Aviation safety management UH410855 Module
Avionics UH409794 Module
Avionics and aircraft computer systems 1 UH409785 Module
Avionics and aircraft computer systems 2 UH410843 Module
Business and professional skills 3 UH109762 Module
Business, project and QA techniques and practices UN108458 Module
Civil and mechanical engineering principles UH307001 Module
Civil engineering dissertation UH210216 Module
Civil engineering dissertation (GA) UH210219 Module
Civil engineering measurement and contract law UH209760 Module
Civil engineering measurement and contract law (GA) UH209767 Module
Civil engineering professional practice 1 (GA) UH208436 Module
Civil engineering professional practice 2 (GA) UH209775 Module
Civil engineering project 1 UH207002 Module
Civil engineering project 1 (GA) UH207008 Module
Civil engineering project 2 UH208424 Module
Civil engineering project 3 UH209761 Module
Civil engineering technology 1 UH207003 Module
Civil engineering technology 1 (GA) UH207009 Module
Civil engineering technology 2 UH208425 Module
Civil engineering technology 3 (GA) UH209769 Module
Collaborative design project UH210217 Module
Conceptual design 2 UH108001 Module
Construction materials UH207004 Module
Construction materials (GA) UH207010 Module
Construction technology 1 UK107002 Module
Construction technology 2 UK108002 Module
Construction technology 3 UK209769 Module
Contract law UK209771 Module
Control and instrumentation UH609809 Module
Control and instrumentation (TNE) UH609819 Module
Control and instrumentation 4 UH610002 Module
Conventional energy systems UH209756 Module
Core maths 1 UH107004 Module
Core maths 2 UH108003 Module
Design 5 - system design and optimisation UH111002 Module
Design and engineering skills 1 UH107009 Module
Design and engineering skills 2 UH108439 Module
Design for manufacture and operation 4 UH110001 Module
Design for quality and reliability UH810789 Module
Design optimisation UH111010 Module
Design process and engineering project management UH111011 Module
Design studio 1 UK107003 Module
Design studio 2 UK108003 Module
Detail design 3 UH109760 Module
Electrical & Electronic Fundamentals for Maintenance Engineers UH407014 Module
Electrical 2 UH608465 Module
Electrical 3 UH609817 Module
Electrical 4 UH610003 Module
Electrical and electronics 1 UH607003 Module
Electrical engineering principles, Advanced UH610001 Module
Electrical fundamentals for maintenance engineers UH407008 Module
Electrical power UH609810 Module
Electrical power (TNE) UH609820 Module
Electrical power machines 1 UH607001 Module
Electrical power machines 2 UH608461 Module
Electrical principles 1 UH609808 Module
Electrical principles 1 (TNE) UH609821 Module
Electro-mechanical drives UH309747 Module
Electronic fundamentals for maintenance engineers UH407009 Module
Electronics 2 UH608466 Module
Electronics 3 UH609818 Module
Electronics 4 UH610004 Module
Energy: heat in buildings UH209757 Module
Engineering business and management UH111003 Module
Engineering business skills 2 UH108438 Module
Engineering computing and laboratory skills UH408395 Module
Engineering materials and structures UH407002 Module
Engineering mathematics 2 UH408397 Module
Engineering mathematics and science UH408396 Module
Engineering maths and modelling, Advanced UH111007 Module
Engineering project 4 UH110759 Module
Engineering project and project management UH410844 Module
Engineering reliability, maintainability and availability UH411007 Module
Engineering science: electrical and electronics UH407004 Module
Engineering science: mechanical UH407005 Module
Engineering skills 1 UH107002 Module
Engineering Skills 1 for Maintenance Engineers UH407015 Module
Engineering skills 2 UH108002 Module
Engineering skills 2 for Maintenance Engineers UH408410 Module
Engineering workshop practices UH407006 Module
Environmental Engineering UH209763 Module
Environmental technology 1 UK108004 Module
Environmental technology 2 UK209764 Module
Fixed Wing Aircraft Mechanical Systems UH408413 Module
Fixed wing aircraft systems and structures (piston) UH408405 Module
Fixed wing aircraft systems and structures (turbine) UH408406 Module
Future energy systems UJ910002 Module
Gas turbine engine technology UH408407 Module
Generation systems UH609812 Module
Geotechnical engineering 1 UH207005 Module
Geotechnical engineering 1 (GA) UH207011 Module
Geotechnical engineering 2 UH208426 Module
Geotechnical engineering 2 (GA) UH208432 Module
Geotechnical engineering 3 UH209764 Module
Geotechnical engineering 3 (GA) UH209771 Module
Global aviation business environment and society UH410849 Module
Group project UH409795 Module
Group Project UH409803 Module
Group project 3 UH109765 Module
Hangar practices UH407010 Module
Helicopter aircraft systems and structures UH408408 Module
Highway Engineering UH209762 Module
Highway engineering (GA) UH209774 Module
Human factors and aviation legislation UH408409 Module
Hydrological engineering UH208427 Module
Hydrological engineering (GA) UH208433 Module
Integrated technology UK107004 Module
Leadership in aviation UH409800 Module
Management in the built environment UK408000 Module
Marine energy UH810790 Module
Materials and design 1 UH107003 Module
Materials and hardware for maintenance engineers UH407011 Module
Mathematical methods and modelling 2 UH108006 Module
Mathematical methods and modelling 3 UH109761 Module
Mathematical methods and modelling 4 UH110002 Module
Mathematics for civil engineering 1 UG107001 Module
Mathematics for civil engineering 2 UH208428 Module
Mathematics for civil engineering 2 (GA) UH208434 Module
Mathematics for the built environment UG107000 Module
Mathematics methods 1 UH107001 Module
Maths and science for maintenance engineers UH407012 Module
Mechanical engineering applications UH309749 Module
Mechanical engineering applications (TNE) UH309752 Module
Mechanical engineering principles UH309751 Module
Mechanical engineering principles (TNE) UH309753 Module
Mechanical engineering principles, Advanced UH310001 Module
Mechanical engineering systems analysis UH309750 Module
Mechanical engineering systems analysis (TNE) UH309754 Module
Mechanical engineering, Advanced UH311001 Module
Microcontrollers and digital electronics UH609811 Module
Microcontrollers and digital electronics (TNE) UH609822 Module
Multi-disciplinary design project UH111004 Module
Planning and project management UH210221 Module
Power electronics and SCADA UH608462 Module
Power engineering principles UH608463 Module
Power engineering project UH609813 Module
Power industry electronic applications 2 UH608467 Module
Power industry structure and operation UH607002 Module
Power system models 2 UH608464 Module
Power systems operations and control UH609814 Module
Practical management of safety and risk UH411008 Module
Professional Practice UH409801 Module
Professional practice (Architecture), Advanced UK210001 Module
Professional practice (Civil engineering) UH210218 Module
Project 1 UK107005 Module
Project 2 UK108005 Module
Project 3 UK209767 Module
Project and management 1 UH309748 Module
Project and management 1 (TNE) UH309755 Module
Project and project management 2 UH308001 Module
Project management UK209763 Module
Quality and safety management in aviation UH411005 Module
Quality and safety management systems for aviation UH409790 Module
Quality systems and airworthiness management UH410845 Module
Renewable energy generation UH209758 Module
Renewable energy generation (TNE) UH209773 Module
Research and professional skills UH111005 Module
Safety and security of air traffic operations UH409791 Module
Safety case studies UH111013 Module
Science for engineers 1 UH107005 Module
Site surveying and communication 1 UH207006 Module
Site surveying and communication 1 (GA) UH207012 Module
Site surveying and communication 2 UH209765 Module
Statics and dynamics 1 UH107006 Module
Statics and dynamics 2 UH108004 Module
Statics and dynamics 3 UH109763 Module
Statics and dynamics 4 UH110003 Module
Structural Engineering 1 UH207007 Module
Structural Engineering 1 (GA) UH207013 Module
Structural Engineering 2 UH208429 Module
Structural Engineering 2 (GA) UH208435 Module
Structural Engineering 3 UH209759 Module
Structural Engineering 3 (GA) UH209766 Module
Structural engineering 4 UH210220 Module
Structural mechanics and dynamics UH107008 Module
Structural Mechanics and Dynamics for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers UH408411 Module
Substation and protection systems UH609815 Module
Sustainable aviation UH410853 Module
Sustainable management of air traffic operations UH410851 Module
Technical studio 1 UK107006 Module
Technical studio 2 UK108006 Module
Technical studio 3 UK109518 Module
Thermodynamics and fluids 1 UH107007 Module
Thermodynamics and fluids 2 UH108005 Module
Thermodynamics and fluids 3 UH109764 Module
Thermodynamics and fluids 4 UH110004 Module
Transmission systems 3 UH609816 Module
Wind energy UH810791 Module
Work based initiative UH109759 Module
Work based project (GA) UH210222 Module
Work Placement UH409802 Module
Work-based initiative 3 UH109766 Module

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