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3D Animation techniques, Advanced UI609001 Module
Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing UF811111 Module
Advanced maths and programming UF708496 Module
Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body UB307003 Module
Applications of analytical chemistry UC109506 Module
Applications of GIS UF811110 Module
Applied algorithms and data structures UI107001 Module
Applied Conservation Genetics UC411000 Module
Applied laboratory skills UC911002 Module
Aquaculture UC110839 Module
Arctic exchange module (University of Tromso) UC109998 Module
Artificial intelligence UG409764 Module
Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Development UF809761 Module
Atmosphere, weather and climate UF708494 Module
Behaviour and biological clocks (BBC) UC110831 Module
Biochemistry and molecular biology UC908429 Module
Biochemistry and molecular biology UC708470 Module
Biodiversity management UC111959 Module
Blue biotechnology for the 21st century (residential) UF711986 Module
Chemical oceanography UF708492 Module
Chemistry 1 UF107177 Module
Chemistry 2 UC908430 Module
Climate change UF809760 Module
Climate change: impacts and adaptation UF709796 Module
Clinical Reflexology UB308000 Module
Cloud computing UI110013 Module
Coastal and shelf sea dynamics UF710841 Module
Coding and Web Technologies UI107007 Module
Collecting and analysing data UG307153 Module
Collecting and interpreting data for geographers UX208452 Module
Communities and Nature UF811100 Module
Computer systems UI108001 Module
Conservation of biodiversity UC110838 Module
Contemporary Aromatherapy 1 UB307000 Module
Contemporary Aromatherapy 2 UB308005 Module
Continuous development and integration UI107002 Module
Craniosacral Therapy UB308001 Module
Creativity through patterns UI107003 Module
Cyber security UG409761 Module
Cyber security (CPD award only) UG409767 Module
Data analytics on the web UI111010 Module
Data analytics on the web (CPD award only) UI111025 Module
Data languages UI107004 Module
Data modelling on the web UI111011 Module
Database and computer systems UI107008 Module
Database design and development UI108002 Module
Database: relational, objects and the web UI110008 Module
Databases UI107005 Module
Databases, advanced UG409757 Module
Deep sea ecosystems UF710836 Module
Defining the marine carbon cycle UC110832 Module
Delivering services through co-production UN211006 Module
Design techniques, advanced UI609002 Module
Designing web based applications UG409759 Module
Developing a community energy project UF811107 Module
Developing communities UL411984 Module
Developing Research Skills and Clinical Practice UB308008 Module
Developmental biology UC909673 Module
Dissertation UI111023 Module
Dissertation (Aquaculture) UD411982 Module
Dissertation (Computing) UI110012 Module
Dissertation (Geography) UF810845 Module
Dissertation (Mar Sci) UF710833 Module
Dissertation (STE) UF810840 Module
Dissertation (Web Tech) UI111015 Module
Dissertation: Research and product development UI610005 Module
Earth and soil processes UC108484 Module
Earth surface processes UF808441 Module
Ecological and statistical methods UC108486 Module
Ecological principles: biodiversity and ID skills UC107731 Module
Ecology and management of native broadleaved woodlands UD510796 Module
Economics of mountain regions, The UF809762 Module
Employability skills for geographers UX208451 Module
Energy climate and carbon UF811999 Module
Energy modelling for buildings UF811108 Module
Engaging with external agencies UL710831 Module
Entrepreneurship and portfolio development UI610003 Module
Environment and heritage interpretation UN807185 Module
Environmental and social issues in mountain areas UF811101 Module
Environmental conservation UD408474 Module
Environmental impact assessment UK309000 Module
Environmental impact assessment (forestry) UF710797 Module
Environmental interactions of aquaculture UD411983 Module
Ethics and Data Science UI111022 Module
Extending Practice 1 UB308002 Module
Extending Practice 2 UB308003 Module
Field skills for Geographers UF810846 Module
Field skills for geographers UF809763 Module
Field studies (postgraduate) UF811105 Module
Fisheries ecology UF710842 Module
Fisheries ecology UF709732 Module
Foot Reflexology UB307001 Module
Forest Landscapes and Society UD511000 Module
Forestry for people: policy and practice UF709792 Module
Freshwater Conservation Science UC111961 Module
Freshwater environments UC108485 Module
Fundamentals of marine biology UC107180 Module
Fundamentals of marine chemistry UF107178 Module
Fundamentals of marine geology UF107179 Module
Fundamentals of marine physics UF307182 Module
Geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing UF709797 Module
Geographical information systems UL711935 Module
Geography of tourism and sustainability, The UN809808 Module
GIS, Introduction to UL708476 Module
Glaciation UF710837 Module
Global environmental change UF708493 Module
Global environmental issues, Introduction to UF707132 Module
Globalisation, sustainability and uneven development UF810844 Module
Governance, management and knowledge exchange UD411984 Module
Hand Reflexology and Self-Management UB308004 Module
Indian Head Massage UB308006 Module
Industrial chemical applications UC909674 Module
Innovation, technology and systems UD411985 Module
Intelligent systems UI111004 Module
International forestry and the timber trade UF710838 Module
Intro to R and Data Visualisation UI111020 Module
Intro to R and Data Visualisation (CPD award only) UI111024 Module
Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology UC908433 Module
Lab skills 3 UC908431 Module
Lab skills 4 UC908432 Module
Laboratory research project, Advanced UC911001 Module
Landscape design for land management UD509793 Module
Literature review (Marine Science) UF909740 Module
Literature review (Sustainable Dev) UF909741 Module
Local economic development UL111100 Module
Management of the marine resource UF709790 Module
Managing biodiversity in upland woodlands UD509798 Module
Managing cyber risk UN211017 Module
Managing fish farm operations and production UD408475 Module
Managing fish health and welfare UD408476 Module
Managing hatchery operation and production UD408477 Module
Managing health and safety of the production environment UN608469 Module
Managing shell-fish farm operations UD408478 Module
Marine biogeochemical cycling UC109733 Module
Marine biology UC108487 Module
Marine biotechnology UC109734 Module
Marine conservation UC109738 Module
Marine environmental impact assessment UC110837 Module
Marine environments UF708409 Module
Marine field course UC107183 Module
Marine geology UC108488 Module
Marine instrumentation and data UF709798 Module
Marine microbial ecology UC509738 Module
Marine modelling UC110830 Module
Marine pollution UC109735 Module
Marine resources UC108491 Module
Marine robotics UC109736 Module
Marine zoology UC109737 Module
Massage Therapy UB307002 Module
Mathematics and statistics for science UG307183 Module
Maths and physics for applied science UC907191 Module
Microbial ecology UC509621 Module
Mobile applications development UI111012 Module
Mobile applications development UG409763 Module
Molecular biology for algal biotechnology UF711987 Module
Multi-user operating systems UG409766 Module
Natural hazards and mitigation UF809765 Module
Natural hazards and mitigation UF810843 Module
Network and information security UI109001 Module
Network and information security (CPD award only) UI109008 Module
Ocean circulation and climate UF709739 Module
Overview of global aquaculture UD411986 Module
Palaeoceanography UC110834 Module
Pathological Processes of the Human Body UB108000 Module
Physical geography, Introduction to UF807003 Module
Physical oceanography UF708489 Module
Planning in arboricultural management UF709794 Module
Polar seas UF710829 Module
Policy analysis UL411983 Module
Principles of biology UC107730 Module
Principles of instrumentation UC908434 Module
Professional phycologist, The UF711985 Module
Quality, regulation and intellectual property in an industrial context UC911004 Module
Recent advances in bioscience UC910773 Module
Recent advances in physical sciences UC910774 Module
Remedial Massage and Injury Management UC608006 Module
Remote and Rural care UB910000 Module
Renewable energy technologies UF811997 Module
Renewable energy technologies UF811992 Module
Research and design skills for geography UX209002 Module
Research dissertation (Applied Bioscience) UC911003 Module
Research dissertation (Sustainability Studies) UF811103 Module
Research skills and project (STE) UL709708 Module
Residential field study (undergraduate) UF808440 Module
Risk and modelling UC909675 Module
Science and society UC910726 Module
Science communication UF710835 Module
Science lab skills UC907189 Module
Science of computing, the UI110010 Module
Scientific Techniques UC907190 Module
Seated Acupressure Massage UB308007 Module
Server technologies UG409760 Module
Society and culture in mountain regions UF808003 Module
Software construction UG409765 Module
Software design and development UI108003 Module
Statistics 1 UI111021 Module
Statistics 2 UI111019 Module
Statistics and experimental design UG308490 Module
Study abroad module (University of Applied Sciences, Rovaniemi, Finland) UD509999 Module
Sustainable agriculture systems UL710832 Module
Sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry in Europe UD409201 Module
Sustainable deer management UD411980 Module
Sustainable development UF811102 Module
Sustainable energy and waste minimisation UH210214 Module
Sustainable land management UD509791 Module
Sustainable land use and renewable energy UF811104 Module
Sustainable management in mountain regions UF810841 Module
Team project (Computing and interactive media) UG409758 Module
Technologies in human computer interaction UI610002 Module
Technology for planning and management in forestry and arboriculture UF710839 Module
Tidal wave and future energy UF811106 Module
Topics, advanced UI110011 Module
Transition to a low carbon society UF811998 Module
Tree risk assessment and management UF709795 Module
Understanding social media UI111013 Module
Urban and rural geography UL708481 Module
Video and audio production techniques UI609004 Module
Water management UF711984 Module
Web applications development UI111016 Module
Web design and development UI108004 Module
Web programming UI110009 Module
Web programming, Advanced UI111014 Module
Web services UI111017 Module
Web technologies: cyber security UI111018 Module
Workplace experience: developing transferable skills UF809764 Module

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